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The bus has served in north central Ohio at such festivals as: Bucyrus Bratwurst Festival, Columbus Arts Fest, Mentor City Fest, Cleveland Warehouse District Arts Fest and the Woollybear Festival (Ohio’s largest one day festival), just to name a few. 

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We’re Shaving up Some Fun!

Snowie Daze, LLC offers a summer-funtastic dessert truck and cart from which we sell freshly shaved ice with self-serve flavorings! Kids from 1-100 love to color their own cup of ice with spigots right on the bus or cart. This interactive concept was developed by the good people of Snowie (in Utah) and we offer their awesome flavors that make an icy allergen-free fat-free treat. Both the bus and the cart are self-contained and we need NO POWER or WATER HOOK-UP to operate. Our Snowie Bus occupies a space of 10’x20’ and sports a wacky windsock and a rockin’ sound system to play your favorite tunes. The cart is set up in a 10’x10’ area and has lights and a windsock for a party-licious atmosphere.

We also can serve up some refreshments in the summer for an employee/customer appreciation day, sporting events, school activities, fundraisers or you can tell us what you have in mind. Please see our "Calendar of Events" for availability and "Price" tab for our party prices. Feel free to email us with your party details including date, time, location and number of cups to be served. (Keep in mind that the bus is busy most weekends at festivals.) You can also call Terry at 419-512-0967 for additional information on shaved ice fun.

~Everybody Cheers when the Snowie Bus Arrives~

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